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We believe that our people should be more than just agents, they should be trusted partners, helping you in your buying and selling journey. While any company can say they care about their clients, we prove it with over a decade in the business where most of our work comes from repeat clients and people referred to us by clients and agents worldwide. We support each and every one of our agents with our core philosophy: Know your people, Grow your business, Win your future. We believe that when we invest in our people, they can invest in theirs.

Nick Krautter

Why I love Real Estate: I love helping people start their journey of owning real estate. When you own your home, an investment property, or a business property you are investing in your community and city. All the people I’ve met who achieve financial independence have made investments in real estate and I love helping people on their path to financial independence.

What I specialize in: Our team handles all types of real estate but I spend most of my time helping our business and investor clients.

Fun facts about me: I’m also a published writer and musician and used to work in radio and the music industry. I’m a total golf nut and play competitively in Oregon and Washington. I love to cook and have remodeled my last two homes mostly to add a gourmet kitchen.

Mathew Lambright

Why I love Real Estate: Real Estate provides a creative and powerful vehicle for long term wealth gain. I enjoy the thrill of helping clients and friends find great deals and create generational wealth stability. To date, I have done dozens of real estate projects and carried millions in owner/creative financing. I love finding imaginative solutions to help clients achieve their investment goals.

What I specialize in: My primary expertise is residential and commercial investment; as well as real estate education and consulting.

Fun facts about me: I am an Army Veteran with nearly a decade of experience in real estate. I am married with two kids, 2 golden retrievers, and an adopted cat. In my spare time you will find me outdoors and spending time with my family.”

Mike Mayer

Why I love Real Estate: When I was 20 years-old, I read Nothing Down by Robert Allen, a book about buying real estate with nothing down. It was a great book, but I didn’t believe it was possible. The next year I bought my first multi-family property with nothing down. Two years later, I bought my second duplex. I have been interested in how real estate works and have enjoyed meeting investors and owners over the years and helping them build their wealth.

What I specialize in: My specialty is listening and problems solving. Each segment of commercial real estate has its own nuances, but at the end of the day, we are transacting property. Every deal is different in some way and I enjoy the challenges that each deal brings. 

Fun facts about me: I have been involved in antique boat restoration for over 30 years. First as a hobby and then as a small “lifestyle” business. Restoring boats is a lot like real estate…sort of. You know what the general scope of the projects is, but there are always challenges along the way, like sourcing something for a boat that is 70 to 80 years-old. I love the attention to detail, and then showing them at judged competitions around North America is also fun. I am also an avid tennis and hockey player.