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Ready to up your knowledge and grow your business? We take education seriously here at City and State. So much so that we have an online academy where you can access hours of hands-on training from having the right mindset to all the steps to help buyers and sellers and get deals to the finish line!

We work to help every broker on three key things: Know your people, Grow your business, Win your future. We have a repeated track record of helping brokers go from new or struggling to top producers in our market.

To learn more join the City and State Commercial Real Estate Academy.

Golden Handoff

The Golden Handoff is the best selling book that has changed the real estate industry. For real estate brokers who want to buy or sell their business, the Golden Handoff lays out a plan to help agents grow exponentially by referral and retire early with additional income from their years of hard work serving their clients. If you are a broker, this book will change your view on the business and your life trajectory!

An APOD (Annual Property Operating Data) gives you a one year snapshot at the financial health of an investment property. With the income, expense, and financing information you can see what to expect in returns and cash flow on your investment. By looking at multiple properties with the same process you can compare investment options. Sound complicated? That’s why we provide a free Easy-APOD calculator here using average expenses. This calculator gives you an estimate of cash flow, 

gross rent multiplier, CAP rate, Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR), and Cash on Cash. 

Want even more details about a property to go deeper into your APOD analysis? Enter your email here to download our free Advanced APOD Calculator. 

If you would like assistance with property analysis and valuation, our expert brokers are available to help you through that process.  

Free APOD Calculator

The APOD calculator above is free to use. If you’d like a more extensive APOD calculator, please enter your email below and one will be sent to you.

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