Why Should I Invest in Real Estate? – Nick Krautter’s Portland Market Report | 2015 Edition

by | Mar 25, 2015 | How to Guides, Market Reports, Video


Welcome to Part Three of my 2015 Portland Market Report!  Here I will help you understand the Unique Benefits of  investing in Real Estate, and explore the idea of using debt to create Positive Leverage with your investments.

While the stock market will always be a “high risk, high reward” investment strategy, and bonds and treasuries offer little to no return on investment, real estate continues to provide the best, long-term investment you can have in your portfolio.   I have outlined five key benefits that exist when you decide to buy investment property:  Leverage,  Insurance, Depreciation, Income and Tax Deferral, all of which can help you realize your short and long term financial goals.

How can I acquire larger properties?  What is cash-on-cash?  What will property insurance cover on my real estate investment?  How can I write-off some of my investment income to lessen the tax impact?  How do property values affect my rental income? What is a 1031 Exchange? The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in this years edition of the Market Report!

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