What is CCIM and why do you care?

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I recently became a CCIM Candidate and thought I’d put up a little info on what that means. CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member – only 8,600 people in the world have this designation and here is why: It’s difficult and expensive and takes a lot of time. If you can get the designation in 2 years that would be considered very quick.

There are four week long courses taught in different places all around the world and you have to complete a substantial portfolio of work as well. Once you’ve done all that you get to take a final exam. The process has been likened to getting a PhD in Real Estate. See the details here. I recently finished CCIM 101: Financial Analysis and got 100% on my test – thereby becoming a candidate.

If you are thinking about Commercial or Investment property I can help you with the additional education, experience, and network of people and resources I now have available. If you are a residential agent I would be happy to help your client with their commercial needs.



  1. Rob

    Congrats on becoming a candidate! I just completed my designation in Ocotber, and finished in 9 months, which is completely doable. While CCIM says the designation is like a PhD, lets be honest. It is more like a few courses in a good real estate masters program. The experience and networking are what sets it apart from most academic alternatives. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the process and what I learned through it. I wish you the best on your completion.

  2. Judy

    Hi there,
    congrat on getting the certification.
    I am currently living in Japan, and I would like to become international real estate agent but I do not know where to start and am looking at international certificates as such. I am currently working as a consultant but I would like to find ways of switching my career. Please give me any kind of advice.

    thanks in advance,

  3. Linda York

    Where are you located?

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