The most overlooked time to sell your house

by | Nov 28, 2011 | How to Guides, Market Reports, Media Center

With so many sellers waiting until spring and inventory at new lows, is now the time to sell? Below is a Q+A I did with the morning show at News Radio 101.FM KXL.

Q – So the big question is should you sell now or wait until spring?

A – I’m seeing huge activity in the market, many homes that are new to the market are getting multiple offers. There just isn’t that much to choose from right now and buyers in the winter are serious buyers.

Q – Who would you advise to wait until summer?

A – I think waterfront homes and properties with acreage do better in the spring and summer. In the winter no one is using their boats are wanting to take care of a large parcel of land but in the summer those things become assets to the property.

Q – For sellers that are waiting until Spring what is the ideal time to list?

A – I like to go on the market right around Valentines Day. You have buyers starting to look but not a lot of competition from other sellers. There’s a window of opportunity there as well.


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