The $20,000 Letter

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The $20,000 letter isn’t an antique written by a president or famous author. But it is one that you should write whenever you are buying a home. One of my clients recently sent me an interesting article from The New York Times.While this article has a template that focuses on the national trends in the market I think something simple and heartfelt will work better. So here are my tips to buyers about writing a letter with your offer:

1. Use the seller’s first name
2. Keep it short and be honest
3. Use the word “home” not “house” – Home is a feeling, a house is a place.
4. It should be 3 paragraphs as follows:
A. “I/We toured your home recently and we….”[explain how the house made you feel and what you like about it]
B. “I/We are….[tell the seller who you are, what you do, any unique hobbies, and any thing you plan on doing once you move in]
C. End with, “Thank you for considering our offer”
5. Include a picture

The whole idea of writing the letter is to help make a connection with the seller. Selling a home is a very emotional process, especially if someone has lived in the home for a long time they’ll have many memories associated with the home. Just like giving away a puppy from a new litter sellers want to make sure their home has a wonderful new owner.



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