Meet Rachel

Rachel Hemmingson

Broker in Oregon

Rachel Hemmingson

Broker in Oregon

On Real Estate as a Career:

When I came to Real Estate in 2004 it was with some initial ambivalence. I’d had the blessing of success and very meaningful work which used me and my talents well for two decades. But health issues ended that career in massage therapy so I had to move on. 

It didn’t take long to realize that this work is just as fulfilling. The needs of my clients – for clear education, calm guidance, diligent attention to their goals and needs, problem solving, sleuthing, constant communication,  negotiations on behalf of them – I love all of it! Then there’s the never-ending opportunity for learning, and the fact that no two transactions are ever the same. Top all that off with the delight my clients and I get to share with the culmination of their transition – the selling of a house, taking ownership of a new home — I feel grateful. Very grateful. I look forward to many more years of tending this very personal and vital way of relating to my community. 

What I specialize in:

While I’ve served Buyers often and enjoyed it a great deal, my focus remains as it’s been for many years, on facilitating housing changes for older adults. I love engaging with people around transitions. And those engaged in exploring changing housing needs in later years offer some of the most meaningful opportunities for me to be of service. I’ve developed a remarkable network of trusted professional colleagues who can help with the logistics of a move in many ways the majority of the public know nothing about. I learned to encourage a sequence of actions which is at first counter-intuitive – and works great!!! Being able to reduce the stress of moving from a long-time home to somewhere new makes me (and my clients!) really happy. 

In addition to my expertise with these transitions from the perspective a Realtor®, I am able to offer something quite unique.

Licensed also as a Loan Officer, I can provide my aged 62-and-up home-buyers with a remarkable financing program: The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase. This enables someone selling a home to preserve a substantial amount of proceeds, while purchasing a house that suites them better in this phase of life. This might look like investing a sum equal to about half the value of the new house, and having this mortgage, (H4P for short), cover the rest of the purchase, requiring no monthly payments, ever. So in terms of cash flow and overhead, it’s just like buying for cash. No monthly payments. As always, they must pay property taxes and insurance, and keep up the house. The loan amount plus interest is repaid by the sale of the house. My homeowner client is able to keep a substantial percentage of the proceeds from their home-sale – often hundreds of thousands of dollars. For more on this – my NMLS# is 1502324, and my DBA is Equity Access Reverse – with the reverse team at Key One Financial, Inc, NMLS#1831104. 

About me:

I’m a life-long-learner and love to read. Gardening and creating gorgeous combinations of plantings feeds my soul in the warmer months, as does taking walks. Spending time before a woodburning stove in contemplation or with a friend makes me a fan of the cooler and cold months. Dancing to live music, laughing and talking with my wealth of wonderful friends, yoga, singing, writing, meeting new people and collecting mavericks keeps me happy all year round. 

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