Portland Inventory up + Interest Rates stable = Buyers market? Not so fast….

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News broke this past Friday that inventory had skyrocketed to 12.8 month in the Portland Metro area, the highest level since 2000. For the previous 4 months we’ve been hanging in around 8 months which is just on the buyers side but not too much. The tipping point is considered to be 6 months.

Like many other people this new inventory report was a bit shocking to me. So I ran my own numbers based on detached homes in close in neighborhoods. I looked at inventories based on the last 6 months of sales and here are the results:

Detached homes:
97202 = 2.5 months
97214 = 3.6 months
97212 = 4.8 months
97232 = 3.5 months
97210 = 5.3 months
97209 = 12 months
97203 = 4.75 months
97201 = 8.4 months
97227 = 7.6 months
97217 = 3.6 months

97202 = 14 months
97214 = 9 months
97212 = 11 months
97232 = 7.5 months
97210 = 10.5 months
97209 = 9.6 months
97203 = 14 months

So the news as I see it is that if you own a home close in then you are largely unaffected by the metro statistics. My only concern is that people will see the overall market conditions and mis-interpret those numbers. There are categories of properties and areas with the majority of the inventory that are skewing the numbers. Close in = OK. The big exception is condos as you can see by the higher inventory. If you’re thinking of buying a condo now is a great time to be a buyer.

Non-Conforming loan limits: You might have heard about the change in “jumbo” Loans – until last week it was any loan over $417,000. Some areas with high median prices benefitted from the change but Portland with a median price of $280,000 is too low to see any change. This would have helped buyers and sellers in the higher price ranges but no change for us in Portland.

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With all the changes going on it’s a great time to buy – give me a call sometime – 503.901.8100.


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