Plant a garden – Harvest a sale

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It turns out going green does pay in Portland Oregon.

For sellers that are wondering what they can do to get an edge over the competition the answer might be right under your feet. Portland realtor Nick Krautter recently completed a survey of homes sold in the last month and came up with interesting results.

“It turns out having a garden increases your chance of selling and greatly reduces time on market,” Krautter explains. “I wanted to see if there was relationship between gardens and success in selling a home and it turns out about 25% of homes sold in the last month in Portland have a garden.” The really exciting results came in the form of reduced time on market. Krautter goes on to say, “In most areas of Portland having a garden translated into selling almost one month quicker than the average home!” To put that into dollars just take one mortgage payment to see how much green having a garden might put in your wallet.

Percentage of homes sold in the last month by area that have a garden:

North Portland 33%
Northeast Portland 23%
Southeast Portland 17%
West Portland 31%

Average days on market saved by homes with gardens:

North Portland 28 days
Northeast Portland 3 days
Southeast Portland 26 days
West Portland 22 days


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