Does weather affect the market? …and what you can do about it! Part Two

by | Dec 15, 2008 | How to Guides, Uncategorized

Well – In a word, YES.

We are in for a cold week here in Portland and it will definitely affected the number of people that are getting out there and looking at houses. We’ve also had a very small amount of new listings hit the market in December which means there really isn’t much class A inventory to look at right now. If you have a unique or nice close-in home you’d likely be pleasantly surprised by the speed of the market for good homes right now.

So back to the issue of what you can do about the weather:

1. LIGHT: In the winter it’s dark – add as much light as possible to your home. You can paint dark rooms with brighter and warmer colors. I recently installed new lights in my kitchen and it made a HUGE difference in the feel of the room at a very low cost. If your home is vacant make sure there are lights on timers for agents bringing people by after work in the dark. Please, please, please do not use flourescent lights, they give off an unpleasant light and in the winter they can take a long time to actually turn on.

2. WARMTH: Leave the heat on! It is a very good feeling to come in out of the cold… not out of the cold into a different cold. People will not spend time or think favorably about a cold house.

3. DOORMATS: I do not like having to take off my shoes to show a house. I recommend doormats at all outside doors both inside and outside. People are generally very considerate so don’t make them wear those little blue bootie things.

A couple little changes can make a big difference and that will help you sell your home faster. Now, come on everyone with very nice houses in close-in PDX – people want to buy your home but you have to get on the market first!


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