Know Your People

The first pillar of our company is Knowing Your People. We believe that everyone already knows all the people they need to know to have a successful business, they just don’t know it. Most great agents and most agents in total don’t even have a database put together and it can be overwhelming. If you know hundreds of thousands of people it can take you months to put together a database. We have developed a process and the tools to help people build their database from scratch, and then implement a marketing plan that’s based on their goals for their business: To stay in touch with their people, to deliver value and to stay consistent with their clients before, during, and after a transaction. You can be assured you will get the most repeat and referral business and your clients know that you care about them, more than anyone else would, if they didn’t have this program. If you’re interested in learning more we would love to talk to you about your career in real estate.