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by | Jul 2, 2012 | How to Guides, Market Reports

With the summer season now in full swing home owners are asking what they can do to improve their curb appeal and their chances of selling. Here to share the secrets of increasing curb appeal is real estate expert Nick Krautter from Keller Williams real estate and

Q. What’s the number one thing sellers can do to improve their curb appeal?

A. Stand on the sidewalk and look at your house and fix the first problem you see. For most sellers this is refreshing the lawn and plantings. Pull the weeds and put new mulch and bark dust around shrubs and the area currently covered by dirt and not grass.

Q. What about cleaning and re-painting?

A. A great quick fix is to pressure wash the sidewalks and walkways around your house. If the paint is newer a light washing of the exterior can make a house shine again. For older homes and homes with old paint pressure washing may cause damage so use caution. If you are going to paint and you’re on a budget start with the front door and the trim and then the front of the house. Right now dark colors are in vogue but make sure it makes sense for you price range and the era of your home.

Q. What’s the next step after the curb appeal?

A. The next step is the first thing you see after you open the front door. Make sure that entry way looks great and is uncluttered.


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