Can YOU Feel the Portland Housing Crisis?

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Media Center, Video

The housing crisis in Portland has been a hot-button issue recently.  Nick Krautter recently discussed the reasons why Portland is in a housing crisis and what policies the City of Portland is currently planning in order to resolve it.

Over the last several decades, the City has set forth many ambitious policy goals to address homelessness and housing affordability across the city.  In the last couple weeks, the city council voted in favor of an emergency declaration allowing our local government to push through measures that would help relieve homelessness in Portland, skyrocketing rates in the rental market, and the absence of affordable homes for sale.

Some of the upcoming policies will likely have an effect on local builders and developers, both negatively (increased city fees) and positively (tax and financial benefits for reserving low income housing in their developments – Portland Housing Bureau –,

How this crisis plays out and the policies enacted by the city will all play a factor into whether or not Portland expands the Urban Growth Boundary early in 2016, and will certainly have an effect on how our local neighborhoods will change moving forward.

Watch the video above to hear Nick’s take on the housing crisis!

We would like to hear from you: What has been your experience with the housing crisis?

Oregonian Article: Portland approves housing emergency plan, what comes next is unclear


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